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Front-mount Adjustable Compression Hinges
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Installation Info

Adjustable knuckles must always be mounted to the door.
Front mounted adjustable knuckles must be disassembled before installation.
Use hole plugs to deter unnecessary adjustment and enhance appearance. Hole plugs press into screw sockets with thumb pressure.

Note: These hinges can be mounted on either side of door.

To adjust hinges, Pivot adjustable knuckle with respect to the base to desired position, then tighten knuckle in place with a 4 mm or (5/32) hex wrench. Recommended tightening torque of clamping screw is 4.5 N•m (40 in.-lbs.)

To assure lift-off capability
, the pin of the fixed knuckles must point up when installed on frame.

For non-lift-off mounting, the pin of one fixed knuckle must point in a direction opposite the other(s) when mounted to frame. One of the fixed knuckles must be installed AFTER door is hung.

Note: Either F Dimension or G dimension must be less than 19.8 (.78) for the door to open a full 180°. * Dimension will vary as + dimension is adjusted through its range. The door and framedesign must allow for this variation.

Materials & Finish

KNUCKLES and BASE: Die-cast zinc, black powder coated.

WASHER: Nylon, black.

HOLE PLUG: Thermoplastic Elastomer, black.

CLAMPING SCREW: Stainless steel, black oxide.

CLAMPING NUT: Low carbon steel, zinc plate, chromate plus coricone sealer.

Strength Guidelines

Maximum working load - 1000 N (225 lbs.)
Average ultimate load - 1505 N (350 lbs.)

Maximum working load - 2200 N (500 lbs.)
Average ultimate load - 14,000 N (3200 lbs.)